Gift Wrapping: Traditions that are Repeated and Passed Down

My grandmother was a talented gift wrapper. Every gift was meticulously prepared, with high-end papers, beautiful bows, jingly bells, mini-wreaths, fancy garland, and extraordinary name tags. My mother (not the same side of the family) gets creative as well. In the past, she has printed out photos of our family members to use as the name tags (your face, your package). Other times, she would assign unique paper designs for each family member.

This year I wanted to make an effort to make the holiday more special, but on a budget. I re-used wallpaper scraps from past projects, shopped local for sheets of wrapping paper, and found some hilarious tags on Etsy. I also saved some of the girl’s artwork and re-purposed them with photos. One of my favorite (and simple!) ways to wrap a gift is with brown construction paper. Let your kiddos draw all over them to personalize them for the intended recipient. Maggie had a blast coloring her gift to our godson Charlie.