EVOO Garlic Pizza App

There was an Italian restaurant in the Seattle area my family went to quite a lot growing up, Cucina Cucina! The below Olive Oil and Garlic Pizza was a popular and family favorite appetizer. We were gifted a pizza oven by my aunt and uncle a few years back and have tried to get more creative with our options over the years. This one has become a staple…

A note on dough. I know some like to make and rise their own homemade dough. I say go for it! But in most cases I just purchase the pre-made dough from the freezer aisle at our local grocer. I find it works really well. I also don’t pop the bubbles 🙂

Frozen or home made dough
Olive Oil
Basil, fresh or dried
Balsamic creme

1. FIRST, roast the garlic by cutting off the tips, dress with olive oil and a very light dusting of salt, then wrap in tin foil, and let roast at about 350 for 45 minutes
2. Roll out dough, and brush with olive oil, fork out the garlic and smear to your liking across the dough, sprinkle with the basil or other italian seasoning
3. Bake- We utilize a pizza oven, but a pizza stone or grill would be great. Heating temps and times vary
4. Drizzle on balsamic creme once it comes out
5. Serve hot, always with with wine…